Air Force Special Duties Assignments

By Debbie Gildea
Air Force Personnel, Services and Manpower Public Affairs

Beginning June 15, Airmen in some special duty assignments will receive adjustments in special duty assignment pay, Air Force Personnel Center officials announced.

Based on recommendations following a routine biennial review of the program, Pentagon officials have modified the program to ensure Air Force application meets legal criteria, said MSgt. Robin Childers, AFPC special programs branch manager.

“Board members analyzed each SDAP rule for recertification to make sure SDAP is paid only to Airmen whose duties are extremely difficult or involve an unusual degree of responsibility,” Childers explained. “More than 12,000 enlisted Airmen currently get special duty assignment pay.”

Additions include eligible operations intelligence Airmen serving at Operating Location A, 68th Network Warfare Squadron, Ft. Bragg, N.C., and Air Force Specialty Code 1T0XX (Survival, Evasion, Resistance, Escape) Airmen assigned to Fairchild Air Force Base, Wash., at the 336th Training Group, the 336th Training Support Squadron, or the 22ndTraining Squadron or a 22nd TRS subordinate unit in Colorado, Alabama or Texas.

Special duty assignment pay will be reduced for military free fall parachute instructors at Yuma Proving Grounds, and air transportation Airmen performing aerial duty will no longer be authorized SDAP, said Childers.

For more information about the special duty assignment pay program, or to see the full table of changes that will take place June 15, go to the myPers website at, or contact the local military personnel section or flight.


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The United States Air Force has a massive enlisted personnel roster. While many of the airmen work in assignments which lead to a career, others enjoy working in specialty assignments which change from time to time. Among those who work these special duty assignments, the majority will be processed back to their Air Force Specialty Code when their assignment is over. Those interested in diversifying and expanding their career in the US Air Force are suggested to ask for one of these special duty assignments.

What Kind of Jobs Are Available?

There are many different duties which fall under the special duty assignment umbrella. You can be assigned to work in any of the following jobs: – Missile facility manager – First sergeant – Honor guard – Linguist debriefer – Postal staff member – Recruiter – Airman/family readiness center staff member – Military training instructor and leader – Enlisted aide – Defense attaché – Career assistance advisor

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How the Job Benefits You

Those looking to work in these special duty assignments are broadening their knowledge about the US Air Force and what it means to lead. It is a great way to better your chances for consideration to become a non-commissioned officer on your way to becoming a commissioned officer in the US Air Force. It is a challenging role to fill because you will be asked to learn a skill set which is outside of your comfort zone and/or area of expertise.




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