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How Big Global Businesses Compare The hospitality industry is comprised of several components. The top three that make up about 50 percent of the entire industry include travel, food service, and accommodations. The purpose of this presentation is to demonstrate the growth of a global business in a competitive industry and see how it prospers in a country filled with opportunity and attraction. The United States is the global leader in international travel and tourism exports, which itself accounts for 25 percent of all U.S. services exports. Hotels top this industry by providing a wide range of options for travelers to select from. The options can range from economy, to business to luxury accommodations and can even be provided by the same hotel brand. One out of every 17 Americans work, either directly or indirectly in the hospitality industry which provides over 5 million jobs in the United States (Commerce, 2014). Three types of cultures: Culture is the collective manner in which an organization conducts itself. An organization’s culture includes its values, mission, practices, visions, activities, ethics, and the way in which it carries out its work and rewards its employees ( An organization’s culture is important because the culture of an organization will inform its decision making, affect employee satisfaction and involvement, as well as determine the organization’s effectiveness and performance. There are three types of organization culture: constructive, passive defensive, and aggressive defensive ( Marriot International has been one the world’s most recognizable hotel brands. There are also other brands that have grown internationally over the years as well to include Hilton and Wyndham and Starwood. Although these brands are based here in the U.S, there are brands based in different countries, which have established substantial growth here in recent decades such as

DUE DATE: MAY 02, 2013
Mr.Sheraz recently got appointed as CEO at firm that manufactures and
provides shoes at national level. He held several meetings with all the
departmental representatives of the organization to get a picture of the
prevailing situation. After all the meetings held, he stood dissatisfied and
therefore decided to take measures that may enable the firm not only to achieve
efficiency but also get competitive advantage over the other firms as well. For
this purpose, he visited every department of the organization including
Finance, Marketing, Production & Operations, IT and Administration and
studied their structure and value chain analysis. He left the doors of his office
open to all the suggestions and then delivered several decisions. These included
the coordination among all the departments, removal of several steps from the
Productions department that were having no value at all, initiated several
employee welfare programs, and established a Research and development
department to come up with the new customer demands so that they may be
incorporated either in the existing products or may attempt to come up with
the new products in order to satisfy the customers.
Question: One of the colleagues working in the same organization pointed
that Mr.Sheraz is just proving his existence but his secretary said that Mr Sheraz
is simply trying to incorporate “Total Quality Management”. Elaborate the
statement of his secretary with logical reasons.

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