3.Md.4 Homework


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You are purchasing Common Core math practice sheets aligned to assessment tasks. There is a practice sheet for every day of the week and a test for Friday.

The attachment consists of 10 daily math worksheets designed to reinforce math skills. There are two sheets for each day that can be copied front and back to save paper. The front sheet focuses on the weekly target skill and the back side of the sheet is a review of previously taught skills.

This particular set of sheets focuses on Line Plots:Third Grade Math Common Core 3.MD.4
Review Skills:
3.OA.7 Multiplication and Division Facts
3.OA.1 Write a multiplication sentence and addition sentence
2.G.2 (review of 2nd grade) partition a rectangle

The last two sheets in the set are designed to be an assessment and are aligned to the other practice sheets in the set.

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Each purchase is for 1 license. 1 license = 1 teacher & classroom use.
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