Educating Rita English Coursework

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Development of Characters in Educating Rita Essay

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In the play Educating Rita, Willy Russell uses many dramatic devices to develop the themes and characters. By doing this he is able to build up an image of the characters and themes in the audience’s head. One of the main ways he does this is through characterisation. The two main characters (and the only ones we actually see) are Frank and Rita. These two characters couldn’t be any more different. Frank is a University lecturer in English Literature with a drink problem. He had a failed marriage and is in a struggling relationship with ‘Julia’. However he does appear to have a comfortable middle class lifestyle and has written some poetry in his time. Rita is a working class, 26 year old hairdresser who has taken the big step of…show more content…

By the end of the play he has been sent away to Australia for drinking too much and his life had been turned completely upside down. The audience is made to believe that it is Rita who has done this to him. It’s not all bad Frank though, just because his teaching has gone downhill, Rita had taught him a lot of social skills and he is able to socialise with the world around him. These are both of the characters idiolects and how they have been changed by the changes in there environment.

The door, (in the quotation mentioned earlier) plays a big role in the play. It shows how Rita can just burst into a room, but also how she just bursts into Frank’s life. The way the door sticks represents Frank’s barrier, it shows how he likes his private space and it explains why he is so uneasy when Rita enters his room. Frank doesn’t seem too happy about Rita’s arrival but obviously is unaware of things to come and how he will change his life.

When Rita starts settling into her surroundings she immediately starts picking out objects in Frank’s room to discuss. The two obvious ones are the, window and the painting. Two things used by Russell as dramatic devices. The way Rita talks about the window and door helps the audience understand Rita’s character, who she is and what she’s like. In the play Rita’s characteristics can be quite confusing, one minute she’s extremely confident in the way she speaks and how she has the confidence to walk into a room and

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